Hatian Owned and Operated Ministry

O     Organization: Unified consolidated group of community leaders with a specific 

        purpose, serving others by being the hands and feet of Jesus.

C     Christian:  Have the qualities demonstrated and taught by Jesus Christ, serving

       others in love, kindness, and the fruits of the Spirit.

S     Social: A community learning to deal, or requiring, that they work together to solve 

       community issues and needs.

E     Economic: Business community which meets or helps to provide the material needs 

       of its people, production, distribution, manufacturing, vocational training, and 


N     New: Developing a new culture.

O     Orientation: (Compass) Develop a game plan. Position to provide a new culture 


E     Evangelism: Bring the good news to the community; share Jesus.

Slogan is "A Practical Gospel"