Haiti First Responders (HFR)

HFR is a program and service to provide Emergency Medical Services (EMS) along with a Disaster Response Team which will include Fire/Rescue services in the Titanyen/Cabaret Region of Haiti. This program will include training and onsite response team with the proper training and skills to provide a First Class Program. This will be a challenge for we are starting with nothing and fully understand the difficulties that will be in our path as we begin. As funding and the need presents an opportunity, we will expand in other Haitian communities.

Our goal is to make this a fully owned and operated Haitian project, that meets all the Haitian protocol requirements and will operate as a nonprofit ministry in Haiti. We have a temporary 501c3 in the US to accept donations, until we get our own tax exemption status.

Our first base of operation will be in Titanyen, Haiti and a registered Organization/Ministry called O.C.S.E.N.O.E., in which each letter has a meaning, but their slogan/objective is "Un evangile pratique" (Creole) meaning "A Practical Gospel." This is a Community Project and is made up of a group of 12 or more Haitian citizens who have a desire and passion to improve their Communities and living conditions and way of life.