Support the Efforts of HFR

Be part of the HFR Team! Help us share our cause and efforts by using your creativity and passion to take an active role by fundraising or spreading awareness of our cause.

If you'd like to join us on our next trip to Haiti, we'd love to talk to you!

We can always use prayer partners - simply PRAY for our team and efforts.

If you're able to help in any of the ways listed below, please contact us!

Prayer Needs

There's power in prayer.  Here's how you can pray for us currently:

  • Leadership of the Holy Spirit and His direction as we begin this project and that the Lord sends and directs our path.  We need Godly people to come alongside of us to help cast the vision and help financially and help us spread the word;
  • Guest house to house our vocational teachers and staff and those teams helping in the project;
  • Provide the financial needs to pay the shipping fees and expenses to get the vehicles and equipment shipped into Haiti;
  • Funding for the following:
    • New deep well water drilling project - estimated cost $5,000.00
    • EMS/First Responder Building (60' x 28') - estimated cost $18,000.00
    • Fiber optic cable for live stream training and teaching efforts - cost $200.00/monthly
    • WiFi network system for internet - estimated cost $1,500.00 (?)
    • Generator/inverter/solar panels power system - estimated cost $12,000.00
    • Septic system - estimated cost $3,600.00
  • Pray that God will change the culture of poverty and the hearts and minds of the Haitian community to a culture of hope and change within the hearts and minds of the community. 

Equipment Needs

Our current equipment needs:

  • Generator - diesel - minimum 12kw; ideally a 20kw low fuel consumption diesel unit;
  • Diesel (4x4) - ¾-1 ton truck - either a pickup or a flatbed;
  • Rescue equipment - jaws of life extrication system; airbag system, turn out gear;
  • Fire fighting equipment - fire hose, exhaust fans, brush fire items, turn out gear, folding water tank;
  • Vocational training aids to help teach CPR, EMT/Emergency Medical Technician classes;
  • Classroom items, chairs, tables, blackboards, etc.;
  • Kitchen items for both the EMS facility and also for our mobile kitchen project/feeding unit.

In-Kind Donations

If you wish to donate vehicles, medical equipment, or other supplies, contact us today!

Giving of your Time

  • Godly volunteers needed to help in the vocational training in our EMS, Fire, Rescue program;
  • Ambassadors to speak to church groups and organizations to help raise support and funding for the project;
  • Grant writers;
  • A Web Master & Facebook page editor;
  • Board of Advisors.

Mobile Kitchen/Feeding Unit

HFR - as part of our overall disaster relief plan we will replicate the NC Baptist on Missions Mobile Feeding Program. This would allow us to provide in time of need the ability to serve up to 25,000 meals per day.